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May 2008. Volume 14 No. 5
Celebrating Small Group Ministry
Small Group Ministry Training - August 2008
Presence by James Strachin
A Crisis of Purpose by Christopher White
Starting Small Groups & Keeping them Going - Book Review
March 2008. Volume 14 No. 4
The Power of Story
Storycatcher by Christina Baldwin. Book Review
Small Groups at Dublin Street
An Event for your Board or Vestry
February 2008. Volume 14 No. 3
Boards, Vestries and Councils: What's the ideal?
An event for your Board or Vestry
Q & A Time
Singing in the Shower with Jesus
January 2008. Volume 14 No. 2
Sticking to Business
The Ponoka Story
Book Review: Transforming Congregations
Why the Emphasis on Sunday Morning?
September 2007. Volume 14 No. 1
"Aging Energetically in the Church"
"A Summer of Small Group Ministry"
"Newcomers Feel Really Welcome"
"A Different Perspective"
May 2007. Volume 13 No. 4
"A Mission that Fits Today's Culture"
"Small Group Ministry Training"
"SGM Techniques Working for You"
"United Church Regional Events"
"Making a Difference"
February 2007. Volume 13 No. 3
"Multiplying Congregational Leaders"
"Turning Decline into Growth"
"Willow Creek & Small group Ministry"
"It's Time to Act!"
"Holy Conversations" (Book Review)
November 2006. Volume 13 No. 2
"A Letter to My Congregation"
"Beyondthe Box" (Book Review)
"Worship Beyond the Box" by Clair Woodbury
"Small Group Ministry on the Job"
"Putting a Blog to Work for You"
September 2006. Volume 13 No. 1
"Boutique Congregations", by Joyce Madsen
"The Facts and Nothing but the Facts" (Church Membership Statistics)
"Small Groups for New People"
"Athabasca Summer 2006 SGM"
"A Question of Leadership" by Deborah Laing
"Learning Circles"
June 2006. Volume 12 No. 4
"Church Leadership: What they don't teach at Theological College"; by Joyce Madsen
"A Worship Survey" (Ready to use in your congregation)
"The Role of theFacilitator" by Clair Woodbury
"Spirituality Corner: My personal Creed" by Jeanna Baty
April 2006. Volume 12 No. 3
"Gifts of Shared Ministry" by Dawn Rolke
"Congregational Transformation" by Elizabeth Short
"The Committee Conundrum" Reader Responses
"Common Sense for Board Members" Book Review
"What's New at the Centre"
February 2006. Volume 12 No. 2
"Healthy Groups - Healthy Parish" by Elizabeth Short
"Small Groups - Circles of Friends" by Centre Staff
"High River Small Groups" by Bonnie Hewson
"The Disappearing Committee?"
"Shaping Your deep Gladness" New Centre Resource
"Can We Do That?" Book Review
November 2005. Volume 12 No. 1
"Changing with our Youth" by Mervin Gallant
Joyce's Rant
"Catching the Bethel Beat" by Don Retsin
"No Young People, So We Changed." Interview with Marv Ziprick
August 2005. Volume 11 No. 5
Steps in Transformation
Book Reviews: First Impressions, Bro. Cadfael's Book of Days
May 2005. Volume 11 No. 4
A Downtown Church That's Going Places
Small Group Ministry
Book Review: High-Tech Worship
Where your Deep Gladness meets the World's Deep Need
February 2004. Volume 11 No. 3
Our Journey as a Team
On the Road with the Centre
Book Reviews: The 8th Habit, Gutfeeling
November 2004. Volume 11 No. 2
Small Group Ministry
Age of Transparency and Accountability
Called to Share in Ministry
Our Transformation Process
Book Review: Good to Great
September 2004. Volume 11 No. 1
Transformation-The Process
The Inviting Church
Prisms: A Resource
Book Review: Leadership from Within
June 2004. Volume 10 No. 4
What I would do differently-Knowing what I Know Now
Recources for Spiritual Growth, Creating Community, Integrity, etc.
March 2004. Volume 10 No. 3
Small is Better
Small is Better ... in Calgary
Book Review: Leading Life-changing Small Groups
January 2004. Volume 10 No. 2

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