Why the Emphasis on Sunday Morning?

Joyce's Rant

Why the emphasis on Sunday morning? If we really want to invite people to be part of our congregations, we need to focus on what it is they need - and that is most likely a place where they feel they can connect with others.

Those of us in the church continue to put 90% of our effort into what happens on Sunday morning. My experience is that those who want to understand their spiritual dimension or find meaning in their life are not about to join 100 other people to sing some hymns, digest a scripture and listen to someone reading a prayer. They are looking for a small group of people - maybe only one - who they can spend time with in earnest discussion and reflection.

Do you have a port of entry for someone who is living through a life transition - marriage, parenthood, divorce, death, etc? Or do you expect that they will come to worship on Sunday and that will somehow magically enable them to connect with others. If you don't have an intentional plan to invite, include, and journey with new people (or those who choose to come back) they won't come and they certainly won't stay.

Congregational News January 2008 Vol. 14 No. 2

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