I Believe

By Barbara Meyer

I believe that . . .

God is One

There is One God, God who created all that is, was, and will be, out of chaos. God is One, and that “one-ness” is revealed in the “unity in diversity” of creation; the connectedness of the cosmos, the community of humankind, and all of nature. God is One, experienced as communal, perpetual, giving, receiving, giving.

God is Truth

All Truth is revealed in and through God. The Wisdom of God is Jesus, the One who, in and through is way of being in the world, is the incarnated expression of Truth.

God is Beauty

All that is beautiful — the spiraling galaxies of the universe; the glory of a morning sunrise; the shades of red, black, yellow and white of the human face; the music of Pachelbel’s Canon in D; the wistful smile of the Mona Lisa; the wondrous order of all Creation — is the beauty of God. Beauty is expressed in the simplicity of a raindrop, the delicacy of a spider’s web, and in the deep-carved lines of an old, old person’s face.

God is Good

“Goodness” is revealed and experienced wherever persons come together in the Spirit of mutuality, radical equality, and justice. “Goodness” is revealed whenever humankind and the ecosystem are treated with reverence, respect, dignity and honor.

Congregational Life Centre Vol. 7 No. 3 August 2001 

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