A New Survey

A GIA Millennium Study has provided fresh information about Canadian church attendance. It was done by Taylor Nelson Sofres Intersearch of Horsham, PA.

The survey found that 20% of Canadians attend once a week or more often. Another 12% attend once a month. Figures over the last 15 years show a significant decline:

We are often asked "What is regular church attendance today?" If the definition of regular is weekly attendance, only 20% of Canadians quality.

Looking at the numbers by gender, some 29% of men vs. 34% of women say they attend once a month or more often—a 5 percent spread.

The challenge is that 38% said they never, or practically never, attend church.

The graph at the top of the next column looks at the information by age groups.

The challenge apparent from these figures is making church attendance relevant to the 25-34 year age group. The "never attend" figures reveal a

special challenge with everyone 18-34.

More than one-third (35%) of Canadians say that God is important in their lives. Two-thirds of Canadians (68%) say that they take some moments of prayer or meditation.

Nearly half of Canadians (44%) believe that there is a personal God. Another 37% believe there is some sort of spirit or life force. Only 6% did not believe in any sort of spirit, God or life force.

It would appear pluralism has come to Canada to stay. While 15% said there is "one and only one true religion", some 66% felt there were many true religions. 13% felt there was no "true religion."

One conclusion of the researchers is that "Religious belief does not go hand in hand with church attendance." Although 84% say they follow some religion, only 20% declare they attend weekly, while another 34% attend every now and then (once a month, once a year, or on religious holidays).

The complete survey results are available at www.intersearch.tnsofres.com. There is a great deal of detailed information on religious practices in the United States as well as Canada available from this web site in the form of tables which can be downloaded.

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