Making a Difference
by doing thing differently

Your congregation can make a difference in your community!
We can make a difference in your congregation!

There are solutions ...  


to helping new people find a space to belong in your congregation.   Small GroupMinistry can provide spaces for new people.   There will be spaces and places where people feel they can connect and belong.
to making church shoppers feel welcome in your congregation. An Intentional Welcoming program includes every member of the family.   Every newcomer feels like an honoured guest in your congregation.
to the challenge of leading a congregation today.   The skills to lead a congregation in the information age.   An understanding of the role and dynamics of leadership today will lead to thriving communities.
to the challenge of honouring individual gifts.   Building andmaintaining a team culture creates spaces for individual creativity.   Effective teams are places where synergy happens between lay and clergy.
to the challenge of being the church for the 21st Century.   Ministry that is relevant and inclusive.   A congregation with a focus and a plan to share God's love is a great place to be.

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