from the Congregational Life Centre

The following prayers are one we have developed at the Centre. Feel free to make as many copies as you need for use in your congregation.

Circle Prayer

God center me.
Let your light shine through me.
Set my heart, my mind, my soul aflame.
Guide me to a circle
Where there are kindred spirits,
Loving hands to embrace me,
Friendly arms to hold me close,
And set me free.
In the circle with you at the centre
May I find the strength
To give, to receive, to love,
Knowing that in you there is
No beginning and no ending to life,
But only a love that grows.
.....Congregational Life Centre: Spiritual Circles seminar

A Prayer for Transformation

God of all seasons,
we pray for the courage to prune
the activities and programs that are no longer fruitful,
the committees and meetings that don't move us forward.
We pray to know how and when to nurture
- people with dreams
- ideas that seem risky
- new ways to worship
- new relationships.
We pray to know when to harvest the fruits of your love,
- so we have new seeds to plant for the next season,
- so we can share that harvest with others.
We pray to know when it is time to die,
celebrating the work done in the past
and the people who have shared their love,
scattering these fertile seeds to other communities
so they can continue to share your love.


Prayer for those in Need

Jesus, in this place and day,
there are crowds who need you,
individuals yearning for healing
of body and mind,
people who are physically and
spiritually hungry.
Often they don't even know
what it is they want.
Only that there is an emptiness
Our churches aren't usually
the places they look for you.

But sometimes someone comes.
Part of us wishes they'd go away.
Their longing makes demands of us, unsettles us
in our comfortable pews,
asks us to live out what we profess to believe.

You command us to give them
what they need.

Like the disciples we don't want
the responsibility,
we are unimaginative in the face
of the impossible,
and we underestimate our
But when we step out-when we
act without regard for the world's
standards of adequate supply-
and we offer what we have to you,
we discover there's enough to go around,
sufficient for all to be filled,
and plenty more where that came from!

So, what are we waiting for!

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