Wings Like Eagles

How to be a Thriving Congregation In the 21st Century
Second Printing

Wings Like Eagles is the name of this book because we want congregations to soar - with all the energy and passion, all the tranquility and spirituality that eagles bring to their magnificent flight.

Many committeed lay and clergy recognize their congregation is slowly declining in numbers and in energy, but the question is "What to do?" This book answers that question with proven "how to" insights".

Wings Like Eagles is for those who are willing to risk being different, who want to be part of a vibrant congregation eager to reach out to people in their community. It is for congregations who take Jesus' offer of new lives for old seriously. This is for those who want to fly with the eagles.

Under development for five years, the book is based on the experience of the congregational Life Centre staff team with hundreds of congregations. We have only included processes and ideas that have been effective in real congregations.

A Leader's Guide is available. It contains workshop designs, research instruments, and precise descriptions of effective methods to guide congregations. Leaders may decide to follow a portion or all of the transformation process with their own congregation.

Table of Contents

The Five Dimensions
*Spirituality Means Staying in Contact
*Identity: Discovering Who You Are
*The World Around Us
*Surveying the Congregationand the Community

*Identifying and supporting Leadership
*Building an Effective Leadership Team
*Managing the Polarities
*Core Values


*Discerning Common Vision
*Imaginative Goals and Action Pland
*The Challenge of Change

Putting It All Together
*Welcoming and Integrating Newcomers
*Alternate Worship Experiences
*Small Group Ministry
*Designing Your Structure

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