Mentoring and coaching as a model for Christian education is not new. It was used by the prophets long before Jesus' time, and was a model Jesus used to train future leaders.

The coaching program is designed to provide support, education, challenge, and encouragement to those who want to explore and develop new ways of exercising their leadership.

In this process the learner's first task is to identify their learning goals, the areas they wish to explore, the skills and knowledge they wish to gain in those areas, and what assistance they need in that process. The Congregational Life Centre will outline a timeline and identify resources for a process to meet these goals.


Our expectations of the learner are:

Our responsibilities as the Centre are:


We will communicate using the best available resources. We propose that the major communication be by a phone call once a week at an agreed upon regular time. We feel that where face-to-face contact is limited, frequent contact will have great benefits.

We can also use e-mail and whenever it is possible, a face-to-face meeting. We are developing our facility with Internet QuickCam facilitation which could be a format for the weekly contact.

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