The staff of the Congregational Life Centre can provide consulting services for your congregation or judicatory body.

What you gain in using our skills are:

Our strengths include:

Guiding Congregational Transformation processes: See our page on Process for information on how we guide a single congregation, or cluster of up to five congregations, through a transforming energizing life-giving series of events.

Enabling congregations to deal with conflict: We have guided a number of congregations through the rough waters that come with change.

Building an Effective Leadership Team: We have worked with more than 200 congregational and parish leadership teams. The roll of Boards, Vestries, and Councils is changing and challenging.

Providing Educational Programs: The adult education expertise of our staff can help design an education program that fits your needs.

Selecting Effective Staff Leadership The most important decision a congregation makes is choosing its professional and volunteer leadership. Our extensive research enables you to develop a knowledge of your needs and to create an interview process that identifies candidates with the best match.

Challenging the Status Quo: Consultant Lyle Schaller cautions congregations who want change to "never underestimate the attractiveness of the status quo." Our experience can prepare you for the challenges.

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