Managing Personal and Organizational Transformation: Tools to Meet the Challenge of Change. SSC5326. (4 day Intensive)

Dates: October 2008 (Mon-Thursday 9am-5pm) This course is offered by the Congregational Life Centre. Arrangements can be made to take it for credit at St. Stephen's College.
Instructors: Clair Woodbury and Joyce Madsen
This is a course that goes beyond theory to provide the tools and resources needed for personal development and the transformation of an organization. You will use the "Prisms process" to explore your personal gifts and develop facility with this powerful resource for identifying a congregation or organization's strengths. You will develop "Wings Like Eagles" that let you soar as you meet the challenges of providing leadership in your particular situation. There will be insights around working in a team environment, understanding one's community, and creating a plan for effective action. Mornings will be used for developing our individual abilities, afternoons for insights into group leadership. You will leave with a rich "toolbox" of resources, and a plan that includes goals and actions for personal growth and organizational change.


St. Stephen's College Courses

We offer a number of courses at the Congregational Life Centre, in partnership with St. Stephen's College. Registration is through St. Stephen's. 780 439-7311

Congregational Transformation: Creating Thriving Spiritual Communities 5325V (Internet course)

Dates: October 1, 2007 through May 31, 2008.
Instructors: Joyce Madsen (lead) and Clair Woodbury
Thriving congregations are in touch with who they are and with their context. They are congregations with vision, energy, a mission and a plan. They are congregations where staff and core laity see themselves as a leadership team working to make their vision a reality. This course, using Wings Like Eagles as the primary resource, takes you through the whole congregational transformation process. As you finish, you will create a plan for transforming your congregation. Requirement: Approx. 3 hrs. per week.

What participants say: "This course has clarified the discomfort and provided a path and strategy to address the concern." January 2006.


Introduction to Church History (5 day Intensive)

Dates; December 2008. Registration deadline, beginning of November.
Instructors: Clair Woodbury and Joyce Madsen
This course provides an introduction to the development of theology and church practice from those incredible early days when missionaries set out to win the Roman Empire for Christ to the modern day reinvention of the church. We'll ruminate in the gloom of the dark ages, watch St. Francis set out to rebuild the church, participate in the excitement of the Reformation, examine the enlightenment and the light it shed on our understanding of God. We will explore the question of how God acts through people of faith to affect society as a whole - and how society in turn affects the church and the way we hear God. At each stage we will ask how the events of historic times shed light on our current understanding of God and the church.

Science and Religion in Dialogue (5 day Intensive)

Dates: May 12-16, 2008. (Mon. - Fri. 9am-5pm)
Instructors: Clair Woodbury and Joyce Madsen
The God who intervenes has gone. The God who keeps us company while life is happening is alive and well. The new face of God is appearing through cracks in the rigid plaster walls of the institutional church. This course explores who God is on the other side of the sound bite, the cell phone, and the satellite image. We have lived through two centuries of scientific accomplishment. Many feel we entering a century of spiritual rebirth. We will take a cloister walk with Marcus Borg, Ian Barbour, John Dominic Crossan, Stephen Hawking, Diarmuid Ó Murchú, John Polkinghorne, John Spong, Paul Tillich, and a host of others - hearing their questions, assessing their understanding of God, and becoming clearer about our own faith. Maximum enrollment: 10.


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