Exploring Ministry Pathways

At the Congregational Life Centre, we have developed a number of short seminars for congregations who wish to explore pathways to an expanded ministry. Talk to us about packaging two to four of these for a congregational event. It will be a time that frees the imagination and invites participation.

Children's Ministry

There are a number of ways congregations are exploring new ways to attract and nurture children. One outstanding example is the Workshop Rotation Model. What we know is that when the children are happy, parents are too. That can make an enormous difference.

Expanding Your Worship Experience

Congregations are finding that one type of worship no longer covers the range of their people's spiritual needs. This is the age of multi-channel TV, segmented radio, and specialized magazines. We have done some exploring, and know the challenges and the benefits of launching a new worship experience.

Exploring Spiritual Paths

There is a growing hunger for spiritual nurture. The congregation that will be around tomorrow is the one that provides a broad range of spiritual support today. Come on a journey with us, and break out of the box.

Growth through Small Groups

This pathway introduces people to the idea of small groups — their benefits, dynamics, and challenges. More and more main-line congregations are turning to small group ministry as a way to deepen the spiritual life of current members and provide a way for new people to enter into the life and work of a congregation.

Intercepting Downtown Commuters

What is downtown? Who comes and goes from downtown? Where do they come from? How do they get downtown? What are some of their needs? How do you let them know about you and your services? These are the questions every downtown congregation needs to be clear about.

Ministry with Senior Adults

There is a saying: "life begins at fifty, but everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out." It is a myth that senior adults no longer want to contribute or be involved. Senior adults want to be actively involved and live life to the full. The church can help, and can develop a rewarding rich ministry in the process.

Outreach in an Era of Apartment Living

Many congregations are surrounded by apartments. Reaching these people, however, can be a challenge. The needs are there — for spiritual support, for friends, for opportunities to be of service. Congregations who want to meet this challenge can do so, if they go about it in an intentional way.

Welcoming and integrating Newcomers

The arrival of new people at Sunday worship creates an opportunity for a congregation. Many of these people are church shopping for the congregation that will best meet the needs of their family. Are you able to greet these people in a way that makes them feel truly welcome? If they come back again, do you have a plan for helping them to connect with others in the congregation?

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