CLC Team Building Events & Workshops

Staff Team

Staff need time to relate to one another and build the kind of relationships that results in effective teamwork. We have worked with a number of staff teams. The objective is to provide an energizing, rejuvenating experience that includes both spiritual renewal and a deepening in relationships and knowing each another. What we know is that great teams are made, not born that way. One format consists of eight short weekly sessions. Another format that works well is the staff retreat, whether it be for one evening, a full day, or a weekend. We can fit your schedule.

Staff-Lay Leadership Team

Staff and lay leadership know they are most effective when there is the kind of honest communication that informs everyone what is really going on. They hope to develop a climate where they can give each other helpful feedback on their work instead of just hoping or wondering if others feel OK about it. It is vital, for true team functioning, to be able to speak honestly to one another in the spirit of encouragement, wanting each to have fruitful ministry within and beyond the congregation. We have worked with a number of church staff and lay leadership teams who want to improve their ability to work together. Talk to us about a format that fits your needs. .

Board Team

"Building an Effective Leadership Team" is a Friday evening-Saturday event for a congregation's Board, Vestry, or Council. We begin with looking at leadership, then review the four key functions of the parish leadership:

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