Centre Staff Team

Joyce Madsen

Joyce Madsen is a member of the Congregational Life Centre staff team. She brings to this position a wealth of experience in business and in the church.

She has served in management positions in a number of computer and high-tech companies and conducted training programs across Canada. When she is not working with the Centre she prepares people to start their own business.

Joyce has chaired two new church development congregations in Edmonton and the St. Stephen's College New Church Development Coordinating Committee. She served as co-chair of the United Church's national Commission on Congregational Mission and Church Development. During the Centre's first year she chaired the founding Board and as a volunteer helped lead many of the workshops.

Those who know Joyce well treasure her enthusiasm, energy, open personality and high level of commitment to the church.

Clair Woodbury

Clair Woodbury is a member of the staff team at the Congregational Life Centre. Prior to that he was Director of a five-year research project in new church development based at St. Stephen's College, Edmonton. He served on the Doctor of Ministry Committee at St. Stephen's College for 24 years. A graduate of Royal Military College, Clair studied theology at Queen's University and received his Ph.D. in theology from Drew University in the United States.

He has served a number of pastorates and a term as President of Alberta and Northwest Conference for the United Church. In a varied career, he has worked in the black ghetto of Chicago, served as Canadian NGO Coordinator for the U.N. Vancouver Habitat Conference, and as Director of a village development project in the hills of Italy.

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