Staff Team

The staff team from the congregation can make a difference in your situation. Talk to us about the challenges that your congregation is facing. We can change challenges into opportunities for growth and spiritual development.

Clair Woodbury & Joyce Madsen

Please feel free to call us and explore the possibilities for your ministry in your community. |
Joyce: (780) 438-6016
Clair: (780) 619-0386


Hope says the world is still beginning, life is young and still getting organized. Hope says come on in, there's something only you can do, a story only you can share. Hope defines this time in history as a great turning; a time when human beings are taking our place as the eartly ones capable of wisdom and good judgment. Hope blows evidence of this capacity back into our hearts, and fills us with stories that inspire action.

Christina Baldwin, Storycatcher. New World Library.


March 2008 Newsletter

Our theme is "The Power of Story." Christina Baldwin's new book Storycatcher got us thinking about all the books and articles we have read about the importance and power of stories in the life of a congregation. We wanted to share some of that excitement.

We are offering an event for your Board or Vestry in Edmonton Thursday March 27 and in Calgary Friday March 28. Three hours in the evening 7-10 p.m. It is about leadership that is freeing, energizing, liberating, engaging, and that opens the way for real growth in your congregation. Call 780-438-6016 to reserve a place for your Board or Vestry. The cost: $200 per Board/Vestry.